The rocket blew up …

No rocket photos, but at least I got some nice sunsets I’ll post tomorrow.


Rocket Launch

I’m going over to Norfolk tonight to photograph a rocket launch. It’s another chance to break out the 80-200 and see what it can do.

I don’t know what to expect; I’ve never seen a launch. If I get anything good I’ll post it here tomorrow.

Hard Drive Reliability Study

I use the Backblaze online storage service, which I find inexpensive, easy to use, and reliable. They just released an updated report on the longevity of the traditional, spinning hard drives they use in their storage pods; these results do not apply to solid state drives.

Please keep in mind that these are the drives Backblaze uses most often. If they don’t address your favorite brand, they just don’t use enough of them to have reliable data.

Considering the results of the original and updated studies are the same, I think there are some obvious conclusions:

(1) Hitachi’s are a safe bet, which is probably why there’s one in my iMac.

(2) A Seagate or Western Digital that is not 3TB is probably okay. I can vouch for that. My 1TB and 2TB Seagate drives are fine.

(3) If it’s either a 3TB Seagate or a 3TB WD, run in the other direction! (No experience with these, and I’m keeping it that way.)

To other drive makers, I’m just passing along Backblaze’s data. If you want to sue someone, sue them.

First Day of Fall!


Autumn In The ParkHappy Dance! Happy Dance!

• Finally, it will be cool enough to hit the streets with my camera — without fear of melting in to the pavement.

• Finally, the leaves will start to turn, providing a welcome burst of color to the landscape, all ready to turn into art.

• Finally, I can break out my sweaters again! (I love my sweaters.)

And if I’m really lucky, Garden Ridge (or whatever they call themselves these days) will have their garish, neon Christmas trees all lined up, just waiting for me to have a little iPhoneography fun! Do yourself a favor and go, especially if you need a laugh. They are so bad, they’re good!

I love the fall.


40' tall yellow rubber ducky

Giant rubber ducky visiting the Chrysler Museum in Norfolk

Why as a matter of fact, that is a 40′ tall yellow rubber ducky bobbing in the Hague in front of the Chrysler Museum in Norfolk.

If you’re in the area and haven’t visited yet (it’s become a thing around here, one simply must visit Ducky!) you have until tonight. Tomorrow our yellow friend deflates to find his next giant bathtub.

File This Under “Life Happens”

I have to report that earlier today I was attacked by a suicidal ceramic mug. I guess it was upset that I wanted to use another mug, so it jumped off the shelf and onto the countertop. The handle broke off, bounced back, and bit me.

It was a totally unnecessary death. The mug should have realized that it was used for TEA, and I was having COFFEE.

Anywho….two hours later, I’m back from Patient First with four stitches in my arm and a big, fat, white bandage. No photos, because who wants to see that? Rotten luck, but at least I didn’t have a co-pay. Go Healthkeepers!