I’m over Etsy.

I’ve tried my best for a couple of years, but it’s time to face the truth: my shop on Etsy is going nowhere. I’ve put it in vacation mode and will be closing officially on New Year’s Eve.

I’m still a photographer; nothing can change that.

This blog, and TheiPhoneographyBlog.wordpress.com, will remain active. I don’t plan on posting to either again until early next year. Maybe I’ll post more often now that the pressure to be a financial success is off my shoulders.

Thanks for reading this. Thanks following me. I’ll be back in a few weeks.


PayPal Commits Suicide

As of November 18, consumers who use PayPal to make a purchase will have up to 180 days to return items for a full refund.

That’s nuts. Why would PayPal promise something — a six month return period — no sane person would think reasonable?

Two words: Apple Pay.

PayPal knows what the future holds, and it’s not pretty. They know that whenever Apple enters a new market — in this case, electronic payments — they tend to steamroller the competition. Just ask Motorola or BlackBerry what happened to them after the first iPhones went on sale in 2007.

So, how does this new policy effect you?

That depends. If you never use PayPal for purchases, you may decide to start. If you already use PayPal to buy things, you just got an early birthday present.

As a business owner, however, I will no longer accept PayPal. I believe many businesses will join me before November 18.

PayPal may just have committed suicide in order to stay alive.

Bath Day For The BumbleBee!


Color image, car wash from inside the car

The car wash from the car’s point of view

I received permission to stay in the MINI at the car wash, and this is the result. It was shot on my iPhone and processed on the iPad. Please ask questions, leave praise, or throw virtual rotten tomatoes at me via the comments, below.

Tree Wrapped with Vines, North Carolina


B/W image of tree trunk wrapped with vi es

Tree Wrapped with Vines, Dismal Swamp

One of the many trees on the Canal Road at the Dismal Swamp State Park last Sunday.

I enjoyed my trip there despite the heat and bugs. I managed to get a lot of nice shots with just my iPhone and Schneider lenses. I don’t know when I’ll be able to return, but when I go back I hope it’s a little cooler. I bet it’s gorgeous in the fall.

Dismal Swamp State Park



B/W photo, Canal Road, Dismal Swamp State Park, NC

Dismal Swamp State Park, NC


I went down to the Dismal Swamp on Sunday afternoon and came back with this. I limited myself to my iPhone and Schneider iPro lenses. It has a moody, haunting quality. Not sure if I’m putting it into the Etsy shop yet, but I’m definitely having it printed for the house.


Stormy Weather

Heavy black clouds over a sliver of bright blue sky with houses in the foreground

Rain Clouds, Portsmouth, Virginia

The view from my bedroom window a few hours ago. Lots of rain, lightning, and thunder. I love it when Mother Nature puts on a show!

Taken with my iPhone and iPro Superwide lens, then processed on the iPad with Snapseed an iWatermark.

New iPhone Photo – Condensation


This is the first completed image taken with one of the iPro lenses. It’s a macro of the condensation on the side of a glass of Coke. I don’t know about you, but I think it’s a pretty good lens. It’s certainly a lot better than the old Olloclip.

New Gallery!


I’ve just created a new gallery featuring some of my favorite iPhone photos, http://nancygoldsteinphoto.com/iphoneography.

I think iPhone photography is so special that it deserves a separate website, http://theiphoneographyblog.wordpress.com. Please surf on over and take a look around.

iPro lenses on the way!

They’ll be in on Tuesday.

Getting Schneider iPro Lenses!

I’ve been debating getting these for about a year, and have finally made up my mind. Full details are over on The iPhoneography Blog.