I’m over Etsy.

I’ve tried my best for a couple of years, but it’s time to face the truth: my shop on Etsy is going nowhere. I’ve put it in vacation mode and will be closing officially on New Year’s Eve.

I’m still a photographer; nothing can change that.

This blog, and TheiPhoneographyBlog.wordpress.com, will remain active. I don’t plan on posting to either again until early next year. Maybe I’ll post more often now that the pressure to be a financial success is off my shoulders.

Thanks for reading this. Thanks following me. I’ll be back in a few weeks.



NancyGoldsteinPhoto: 67
TheiPhonegraphyBlog: 33

I never thought I’d see the day.

New Work at TheiPhoneographyBlog!


Sepia photo of a lone person on a ferry

I’ve just added a bunch of work to the galleries of my mobile photography blog, TheiPhoneographyBlog.wordpress.com. Surf on over and take a look! I hope you’ll like what you see.

Bath Day For The BumbleBee!


Color image, car wash from inside the car

The car wash from the car’s point of view

I received permission to stay in the MINI at the car wash, and this is the result. It was shot on my iPhone and processed on the iPad. Please ask questions, leave praise, or throw virtual rotten tomatoes at me via the comments, below.

Dismal Swamp State Park



B/W photo, Canal Road, Dismal Swamp State Park, NC

Dismal Swamp State Park, NC


I went down to the Dismal Swamp on Sunday afternoon and came back with this. I limited myself to my iPhone and Schneider iPro lenses. It has a moody, haunting quality. Not sure if I’m putting it into the Etsy shop yet, but I’m definitely having it printed for the house.


New iPhone Photo – Condensation


This is the first completed image taken with one of the iPro lenses. It’s a macro of the condensation on the side of a glass of Coke. I don’t know about you, but I think it’s a pretty good lens. It’s certainly a lot better than the old Olloclip.

New Gallery!


I’ve just created a new gallery featuring some of my favorite iPhone photos, http://nancygoldsteinphoto.com/iphoneography.

I think iPhone photography is so special that it deserves a separate website, http://theiphoneographyblog.wordpress.com. Please surf on over and take a look around.

iPro lenses on the way!

They’ll be in on Tuesday.

The iPhoneography Blog

Getting there, bit by bit. On another note…

Hey WordPress:

Did you know there’s a bug that makes writing posts on an iPad about ten times harder than it should be? The cursor acts all kinds of snarky when I’m trying to edit. I can’t reposition it to any previous point in the post unless I save as a draft. Every. Single. Time.

You’re welcome.




Getting Schneider iPro Lenses!

I’ve been debating getting these for about a year, and have finally made up my mind. Full details are over on The iPhoneography Blog.