iOS 8 Upgrade Warning. Please read!

If you store documents in iCloud and use a Mac, be VERY CAREFUL when upgrading your iThings to iOS 8.

Apple has a new version of iCloud storage called iCloud Drive. During the iOS upgrade process, you’ll be given a chance to upgrade to it. Most people should NOT upgrade. You should only upgrade to the Drive if you are already running the new OS, Yosemite 10.10.

I’m not being an alarmist. If you are running Mavericks or an earlier version of the OS on your Mac, you will lose access to all the documents you have in iCloud until you upgrade your Mac to Yosemite. Keep in mind that older Macs may not be able to run Yosemite.

Apple is usually pretty good about stuff like this; it would be incredibly bone-headed of them to cause everyone to lose access to all their iCloud docs just by upgrading their phones and iPads. Still, the live stream last week was a mess, and they gave everyone U2’s new album whether they wanted or not…

Yosemite’s release is probably imminent; Apple just released the third version of the public beta yesterday. Just be careful, okay?


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