Back from the show!

I’m pleased to report I survived another Boardwalk Art Show. I haven’t been in a few years. Last year was too hot; today was perfect.

It was a good show. The booths selected for judging were all top-notch. Some of the others…not so much. How some of these artists get accepted into what is considered one of the premier outdoor shows on the East Coast is a mystery to me.

Don’t get me wrong, you’ve got to be good to get in. But when I see a booth full of paintings that looks like they were done by Chagall or Miro… It’s no wonder she wasn’t selected for judging. Her work was good, but it’s already been done, and by better artists. 

I saw paintings, drawings, sculpture, and photography I really liked. There were a few really good fiber artists and glass workers, too. I particularly liked some of the contemporary jewelry. Of course, all I can do is like it. I can’t afford what I like, and wouldn’t be caught dead wearing most of what I can afford.

There were also the usual number of artists taking themselves way too seriously. If you’re one of them, do I really need to remind you it’s Virginia Beach, not MOMA or the Louvre?

In other words, typical Boardwalk Art Show!