Crazy times. No pinhole photos.

I just realized I haven’t posted in about a week. It’s been crazy: torrential rain, thunderstorms, tornado watches, threats of ice cubes falling from the sky…

Update on Pinhole Day. I did not shoot any photos Sunday; I spent the time prepping for an Apple interview that evening. It went well, but I don’t know yet if I move on to the second interview. This is my third attempt to get hired there. Each time I get a little closer to the prize – an email address ending with “” and an iPhone-sized name tag hanging around my neck.

Tomorrow I drive my MINI to Crown for an inspection and wheel alignment. (I know I can get my car inspected anywhere, but what are the chances that “anywhere” will have the parts if it needs something? Michelins have to be ordered in, for Pete’s sake.) I don’t even try to get in at Checkered Flag; that’s a lost cause until they double their service bays. It’s so bad that Crown – 90 miles away in Richmond – refers to itself a Tidewater MINI dealer.

I’m taking my camera and some knitting with me.