Crazy times. No pinhole photos.

I just realized I haven’t posted in about a week. It’s been crazy: torrential rain, thunderstorms, tornado watches, threats of ice cubes falling from the sky…

Update on Pinhole Day. I did not shoot any photos Sunday; I spent the time prepping for an Apple interview that evening. It went well, but I don’t know yet if I move on to the second interview. This is my third attempt to get hired there. Each time I get a little closer to the prize – an email address ending with “” and an iPhone-sized name tag hanging around my neck.

Tomorrow I drive my MINI to Crown for an inspection and wheel alignment. (I know I can get my car inspected anywhere, but what are the chances that “anywhere” will have the parts if it needs something? Michelins have to be ordered in, for Pete’s sake.) I don’t even try to get in at Checkered Flag; that’s a lost cause until they double their service bays. It’s so bad that Crown – 90 miles away in Richmond – refers to itself a Tidewater MINI dealer.

I’m taking my camera and some knitting with me.


Google+ Is Walking Dead

I have a Google+ account, but I’ve never really known why, or even used it. I can’t quite figure out why so many people think it’s great.
Well, it looks like I’m not the only one, if this is any indication of where G+ is headed.

As a matter of fact, I will be setting up photo galleries.

This is, after all, a photography website.

Life can be such fun!

I got my tax refund last week.

Last night, a pothole ate one of my Michelins…

The hardest part about moving your website is…

getting your email to work!

I’ve been trying to straighten this out all afternoon, and getting nowhere fast. Guess it’s time to give up for tonight and try again in the morning.

I love technology.

Sunday April 27 is World Wide Pinhole Day!

Jessica-DittmerI’m probably more excited about this than you are — or anyone else I know for that matter — but I like oddball photography, okay?

Pinhole is photography at it’s most basic: image-making without a lens. It’s not for everyone, but for the visually adventurous, it’s a lot of fun. You’d be surprised what you can do without a lens. Pinhole images aren’t tack-sharp, but that’s part of the charm. Pinhole dates back to the Renaissance and the camera obscura, which worked the way our eyes—and all cameras—work: a small hole allows light to enter a dark chamber, and an image is projected onto the opposite wall, upside down.

Back in the day, most beginning photography students built a pinhole camera using an oatmeal box, aluminum foil, and black tape. For the camera body, you’d cut a hole in the box. For the pinhole, you’d drill a tiny hole in the foil with a sewing needle, which you’d attach to the box with some of the tape. A second piece of tape would serve as the shutter. To make an image, you’d put unexposed photo paper in the box, make an exposure outside, and process the paper in the darkroom. The result was a paper negative. To get the final print, you’d place the negative on top of a second piece of photo paper and expose under the enlarger. Many people got hooked on photography via the oatmeal box, including me. There’s something about that first image coming up in the tray…

Will I be out there, shooting on Sunday? Probably. Will I be using an oatmeal box camera? Hell no! I’ll just put my pinhole on my Nikon, set the ISO way up, and have some fun. If I do get a chance to go out and shoot, I’ll post a few of the images. For more information, go to

Hello world!


Welcome to the latest – and hopefully, last – incarnation of Nancy Goldstein Photo!

I’m not planning on saying anything profound tonight; it was just that I was really, really tired of the basic WordPress “Hello World!” introductory post. (If you’ve ever started a WordPress blog, you know which post I’m talking about.) Well, duh. We all know this is a post, and yet another attempt at me trying to blog on a regular basis.

That’s it for tonight. Pleasant dreams!